22nd Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2018

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Holding specialized conferences Professional foundry conferences will be held twice a year in accordance with multinational purchasers demands, matching purchasers with suitable suppliers and helping suppliers understand purchasers needs and differing purchasing processes. Business opportunities and trade agreements will be facilitated. Purchase agent FSC will assist international purchasers with acquiring casting purchases in China, based on our plentiful foundry experiences, up to date database resources of China foundry suppliers and good international trade partnerships. Selecting suppliers information from database Product inspection Import and export agent Supplier management Recommending purchasers FSC has set up a database of global foundry purchasers, utilizing China foundrys purchasing conference as a platform, helping suppliers to develop overseas markets, recommending suitable purchasers and allowing product entry into the international markets. Recommending China’s qualified foundry suppliers With a database of over 1,800 suppliers that have gained International quality identification or product certification we can provide specialized recommendations to purchasers. Investing in China foundry Welcome to invest in China! We can provide a variety of information and support to foreign companies setting up Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino–foreign cooperative enterprises, foreign capital enterprises and other direct investments. Supplier’s training Through organizing training as per the enterprise certification, product certification, purchasing process, and with our related knowledge, we can provide and aid suppliers with the International purchasing general rules, inside knowledge on multinational companies purchasing procedures, mastering global purchasing network systems and gaining the qualifications of entry into the global purchasing system. Special subject service Provide technical services according to the demands of suppliers and purchasers. Suppliers training Investing in China foundry Special subject service

Conference Characteristics

 Specialty: Focusing on castings; 
 Internationalism: The buyers are mainly from North America, West Europe, Japan, Korea, as well as domestic manufacturers with large purchasing quantities, etc. FSC has already served for over 90 World Top 500 enterprises; suppliers in attendance have factories all over the world.
 Targeted service: At the request of buyers, SC will invite appropriate or assigned suppliers, and help buyers establish business relationship with suppliers before the conference;
 Reliability: All the information about suppliers and buyers will be strictly examined by SC;
 Feasibility of trade agreements: Purchasing presentation, products promotion and negotiation will help facilitate a better understanding between buyers and suppliers, and the goal of the trade agreement will then be realized;
 Interactivity: SC will assist you in operating casting transaction with the aim of creating a purchasing platform both online and offline. Apart from having collected information of over 3,000 Chinese casting suppliers, orientation of products, standard authentication, casting technology, manufacturing capacity and annual output included, etc., our online platform –www.foundry-suppliers.com also contains detailed information regarding purchasing blueprint/drawing papers, manufacturing requirements and contact information of transnational casting purchasers, to promote online trading for both suppliers and purchasers.

Visitors Profile

As suppliers
※ With over 20 employees in your company and ISO/QS/TS certificate or QC/QA process, and being able to understand products’ drawings and requirements in English;
※ Good quality products and guarantee of delivery time;
※ Having World Top 500 customers or having plans for expanding international markets;
※ Looking for more reliable partners to avoid the risks brought from single customer
※ Deciding to make further progress and expand business.
※ Seeking for new business partners and replacing the old customers who were unable to meet your requirements on the basis of a better business……..

At the FSC, you will find:

 Professional foundry sourcing buyers from Europe, North America and Japan, etc.
 Possibility of talking with several oversea purchasers face-to-face.
 Finding professional global casting purchasers more efficiently than in traditional shows.
 Opportunities to contact with global purchasers directly.
 A professional e-commerce exchange platform for global foundry at www.Foundry-Suppliers.Com

Visitors Attending

Exhibitors Attending

As suppliers, you can:

Register for free membership: Casting suppliers can register for free membership on the website of www.Foundry-Suppliers.Com and post your company introduction and trade leads which will be listed in the Global Foundry Suppliers Database free of charge;
Register for VIP membership: Full membership can browse the details of buyers in Global Casting Buyers Database including drawings, annual purchasing value, and contact information, etc. Full membership fees: $600 per year. You can also get free business matching service for emergency procurement project.
Participate in the conference: Negotiating with overseas purchasers
Fees: Suppliers: $400 per standard seat     $500 for each VIP seat
Equipment manufacturer, supporting supplier or service provider: $500 per standard seat
(Including a full set of conference materials, conference lunch and two months’ full membership)
Participate in the exhibition: SC will set stands for suppliers and recommend suitable purchasers 90 days before the conference opening. Fees: $800 per booth for casting suppliers; $900 per standard seat for one supporting supplier and three months’ full membership.
Products promotion: SC will release related information on over 50 overseas and domestic media, be responsible for recommending purchasers 90 days prior to the conference beginning, and provide further communications and 365-day tracking services;
Charge: $5,000 for 12-minutes presentation, including two VIP seats, a stand, a complete set of conference materials, and full membership service for half a year.
Product List:
Castings: Gray iron, ductile iron, malleable cast iron, compacted graphite cast iron, alloy cast iron, alloy steel, carbon steel, high temperature alloy, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, textile machinery, printing machinery, general machinery, zinc alloy, copper alloy castings, automobile, machine tools, marine industry, engineering machinery, rail transportation, heavy machinery, mining machinery, transmission and distribution castings, chemical engineering, hardware tools, pipe, valve, municipal engineering parts, etc.
Related casting equipment: Enterprises of casting materials, equipment, instruments, software, machine processing, service mechanism like bank, insurance, import and export, logistics, certification, agency 


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